Ten Step Guide To Selling Your Property
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Step 1 Contact Us For An Initial Visit

Your aim is to sell your property at the best possible price in the shortest possible time. We have twelve years experience of selling in Andalucia and an unparalleled knowledge of property values in the area. We will advise at what price we believe your property has a realistic chance of finding a buyer, whether we believe it will attract a lot of interest or whether it might be slow to find a buyer.

Step 2 A Good Agent Never Sleeps

We are open for enquiries every day of the year. All buyers now search for property via the internet. Most of our clients live in countries with sophisticated internet access and are often well researched before they visit the area. That is why we have invested so much time and money in our websites and the CMS system that lies behind it as well as in the most advanced CRM (Contact Record Management) system available.

Step 3 Preparing Your DocumentationSellers

Before we can market your property we need the following:

• Escritura (or Nota Simple)
Your title deeds.
• Latest IBI statement
The tax you pay annually to the Ayuntamiento or APAT.
Certificate of Energy Efficiency
Unless your property is isolated and has less than 45 m2 built or is currently uninhabitable and in a state fit only for renovation, you will need to commission an Energy Efficiency Certificate. We can organise this for you, if you wish.
Mandato de Venta
We have a standard document which we ask you to sign. This authorises us to put your property on the market without any cost to you and in which you undertake to pay our commission if we sell your property.
If you have floor plans, that will help us. Also a Licencia de Primera Ocupación, Certificado de Legalidad Urbanistica etc.

SellersStep 4 Presenting Your Property

First impressions count, even with uninhabited properties.

You will have a better chance of selling if you clear out rubbish and unwanted furniture, not only from inside the house but around it as well.

Get rid of building rubble and unneeded materials. White paint can do wonders.

Step 5 Marketing Your Property

To find your perfect buyer you need to give your property maximum exposure.
When you instruct us to sell your property you automatically benefit from our comprehensive marketing package, including: exposure on our excellent website, automatic emailing to over 2.000 registered buyers, inclusion in monthly email newsletters, and exposure on almost twenty property portals such as Kyero, Thinkspain, Spain Property Portal Zoopla, Homes Overseas, Leading Property Group, Primelocation etc. etc. If there is a buyer out there, anywhere in the world, we aim to find them for you.

Step 6 ViewingsSellers

Almost all of our viewings are accompanied by one of our partners. That way we can use our expertise to help sell your property.
We try to limit viewings to weekdays but this rarely proves possible. Most of our buyers are from overseas and are in Andalucia on short visits, so we have to make use of the days available to us.
We will need a key from you, if you are not resident in the property, or contact details for a local keyholder - the closer, the better. Please bear in mind that sometimes we arrange viewings at very short notice.
At our initial meeting with clients we often realise that what they have told us they want is not actually what they need! We are often forced to make last minute adjustments to schedules to make sure the most appropriate properties are included. We hate to lose even one opportunity to show your property, so please be flexible!

Roughly one in every four agreed sales in the countryside fails, due to problems with documentation. Please check that your title deeds, catastral plan and reality all coincide. If they do not, the time to act is NOW and not when you have found a buyer. This will ensure that when you do find a buyer there is less chance of the sale falling through because of defects in the title.
We recommend, as a first step, that all sellers request, from their local Ayuntamiento a Certificado de Legalidad Urbanística, which usually costs nothing, but can take up to three months to obtain. This document confirms that there is no sanction outstanding against your property.

Step 7 Feedback

Whenever possible we will give you feedback after each viewing. Some potential buyers give very little away and some say how wonderful every property is - and then buy nothing.
When we get definite feedback we pass this back to the seller as it can be very helpful in marketing the property. For instance, if three buyers tell us that your property is too expensive, it probably is.


Step 8 Receiving an offer

As soon as an offer is received we will notify you both verbally and in writing.
Any special conditions pertaining to the offer (e.g. rectification of deeds, catastral plans etc.) will also be stated in writing and we will do our best to check the buyer's ability to proceed before you decide whether to accept the offer. We will advise you and negotiate on your behalf throughout this process, keeping you informed at each step.

Step 9 Once An Offer Is Agreed

Once you accept an offer we will prepare a contrato privado in Spanish and English which we will forward to you and to the buyer’s lawyer for his approval or modification. Once the contract is accepted by both parties you and the buyer sign it and the buyer pays the agreed deposit. The contract will state the time within which you must go to a Notary to finalise the sale. There are no legal obligations until contracts are signed. At this stage we will have obtained evidence of title to the property through an up-to-date Nota Simple and will have established the boundaries via the relevant Catastral Plan(s).


Step 10 Completion

Completion takes place in the presence of a Notary who is a public official whose role is to ensure that the parties are who they say they are, that the sellers are the owners of the property, that the buyer pays the balance of the agreed sum and that all parties understand and agree to the sale. Once all parties sign the new title deed the property is sold and the buyer and seller can celebrate with champagne (or, more, usually a beer at a local bar!).

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